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Dr. Tom Shearman practices a unique blend of chiropractic – everything from very gentle, pain-free, effective techniques to more aggressive therapies. He has advanced certifications in treating patients for whiplash injuries, sports injuries, spinal disc injuries, allergies, spinal rehabilitation, weight loss and detoxification – making him unique among other Salt Lake and Park City chiropractors.

Spinal Disc Injuries

We can help people of all ages

Chiropractic can help just about anyone, regardless of their age.

Disc injuries are my favorite condition to treat because they are the most difficult. They are also the most disabling condition that I see in my Park City chiropractic practice. Treating disc injuries successfully requires special equipment and specialized training. If I’m not successful at treating the disc injury or it’s too severe to help then these people inevitably end up in surgery.

My practice motto is to try and reduce the number of unnecessary back surgeries as much as I can. This condition is close to my heart because it’s the condition that got me into chiropractic so many years ago.


I have had great success treating patients suffering from headaches, including the chronic types that have haunted a patient’s life for years. If you have tried everything, even chiropractic, and all were unsuccessful, don’t give up – I can help!

There’s nothing better than to see the relief in a patient’s eyes when they come in and they haven’t had a headache for several days or since the last treatment and it’s the first time they haven’t had a headache for that long in years!

Spinal Whiplash

Whiplash, like disc injuries, can be very disabling causing headaches, neck and back pain, and an assortment of neurological problems related to a concussion or head injury.

I’ve treated thousands of patients who’ve had whiplash and it’s very gratifying when I see patients get their lives back. I’ve had hundreds of hours of additional training in how to properly care for the whiplash patient and all those classroom hours are worth it when I see a whiplash sufferer finally get better.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are challenging because there are always many different facets of the injury that as a chiropractor I don’t usually see in the regular spine. I was one of the first chiropractors in Utah to become certified as a chiropractic sports physician. If you are suffering from a particular sports injury, give me a call and lets discuss your options!

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