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Why Patients Love Shearman Chiropractic, Inc.

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Shearman Chiropractic, Inc. patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. Tom Shearman


I first came into the office about fifteen years ago for migraines. The treatments have helped me get rid of these severe headaches and have less neck pain and less sinus pressure.

Pain free after Spinal Decompression Therapy

Bill F. came into the office about four years ago. Bill had had disc surgery in 1997, which worked pretty well at first. After several years he started to have recurring problems. He didn’t want to have another back surgery so he decided to try spinal decompression. After going through his decompression program his pain was gone and he felt good all the time.

Bill now comes in once per month for decompression and chiropractic because he doesn’t want to get where he was before he first came to the clinic. Bill says that he went from varying degrees of pain every day to being pain free. He says he wants to stay that way.

Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression

LuJean C. first came into the office about one year ago for help with the chronic pain she suffers due to scoliosis. LuJean started out just getting chiropractic adjustments and got moderate relief of her pain.

After awhile coming to the clinic we offered her an opportunity to try decompression on her lower back. The decompression was the key along with the adjustments that really helped her stay free from pain especially in her back and hips. She’s now able to go longer between treatments pain free.

Lower back pain

Cindy B. first came into the office fifteen years ago. She has had a difficult time with her lower back and has suffered several serious injuries in that area. The last serious bout of pain a few years ago brought her back into the office and she was to the point that she couldn’t bend over because her lower back felt so weak.

After a few weeks of regular treatment her pain had significantly decreased and she was able to return to work. Now, Cindy comes in for maintenance care once or twice per month to help her avoid any major setbacks which usually puts her in bed for a few weeks.

Tremendous Lower back pain and leg numbness

Blaine B. first came into the office about twelve years ago. He came because he had ruptured a disc in his lower back which caused him tremendous lower back pain and his legs had gone numb. Blaine’s treatment got him out of pain, the numbness in his legs went away and he had less stiffness.

Blaine still comes in once per week for maintenance because of the severity of his arthritis throughout his body. The chiropractic adjustments help to reduce his pain and keep him moving.

Auto accident injuries

Sandra L. first came into the office two months ago because she was injured in an auto accident. She had pain in her neck, wrists, upper back and lower back. She says her pain is almost gone after receiving chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, exercise therapy and other physical therapies.

Chiropractic patient for over 25 years

Jim H. first came into the office about twenty-five years ago for lower back pain. He responded well to those first treatments and now receives regular treatments to help maintain his spine. Jim still has issues with his lower back at times and when he does we usually put him on spinal decompression and adjustments and this usually snaps him out of it. Jim also says that he’s developed a confidence in Dr. Shearman for helping him with other health issues, such as the knee pain he was suffering with a few years back.

Chiropractic helped chronic hip pain

Holly C. first came into the office sixteen years ago. Holly was born with a congenital hip problem that left her with chronic hip pain. Chiropractic adjustments helped tremendously with that problem. Now, Holly comes in once per month for maintenance because it helps her with stress issues which causes headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. Holly also says, “I have tried another chiropractor before due to a previous insurance and no one comes close to Dr. Shearman’s ‘special touch.”

Hip and upper Back Pain Relief

Trudy L. first came to our office in the summer of 2010. She was suffering with pain in her hips and upper back and needed relief. She got excellent results from her treatments and now comes in for maintenance care so she can feel great and move and exercise without pain.

Excellent Relief from Low Back, Middle Back & Shoulder Pain

Phyllis B. first came into the office about ten years ago for lower back, middle back and shoulder pain. Phyllis got excellent relief from these problems and now receives monthly adjustments to keep her back problems from re-occurring. She says she feels better and has less problems which come from her job working at a computer for the state.

Suffered from Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Carolyn B. came into the office for the first time about three years ago. She came in because she was having chronic neck and back pain which she’d been suffering with for many years. Carolyn comes in weekly for maintenance care which she says helps to control her back and neck pain. She says she always feel good when she’s leaving the clinic and enjoys the banter between herself, Dr. Shearman and the staff.

Severe Lower Back Pain

Kathyrn J. first came into the office over ten years ago because she was suffering from severe lower back pain and could barely stand upright. Kathy responded very well with her treatment but had a relapse when she fell over backwards at a grocery store and re-injured herself. Kathy also is a professional seamstress that requires long hours of bending and sewing and is also very hard on her back and neck. Kathy now comes in for maintenance because she says, “He keeps me functioning so I’m able to work and do other activities.

Neck Pain due to an Auto Accident Injury

Jan H. first came into the office about twenty six years ago. She was suffering from neck pain due to an old auto accident injury. She responded well and now comes in monthly for maintenance care and to deal with any flare-ups that may occur in her busy life. Jan says that she also enjoys the education she gets about how to take care of her back and neck.

Relief from Lower Back Pain

Louise H. first came into the office over twenty-five years ago. She first came in for lower back pain. Louis got excellent relief from her back pain. She now comes in once or twice per month to deal with problems she developed from an old car accident that affects her neck and jaw. Louise also says that she’s gotten excellent health ideas for other ailments and that she totally trusts our help with almost every conceivable health issue of her life.

Pinched Sciatic Nerve

Reverend David or Father Dave, as we like to call him, first came into our office several years ago suffering with back problems caused from racquetball. His treatments soon got him back to playing sports. About a year ago, Dave re-injured his lower back and pinched the Sciatic nerve in his lower back. The lower back pain went away but the pinched nerve has left a lot of numbness in the toes in his foot. Father Dave is now doing spinal decompression to see if the pressure on the nerve can be relieved and he can get the feeling back in his foot. Mostly though, Father Dave wants to get out of the boring pool and back on the racquetball court. We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

Suffering from Foot Pain

Connie B. first came into our office about four years ago suffering with foot pain. We fitted her with custom orthotics and she responded very well in spite of the fact that she has a busy job that requires a lot of walking. Connie now comes in for maintenance because she believes in taking care of her spine and nervous system to help prevent a lot of problems with other things. Connie also enjoys the benefits that come with the deep tissue that we do at the clinic and feels that they help keep her muscles in great shape. She also likes the fact that Dr. Shearman has nearly thirty years of experience from which she can draw to help keep her in great shape.

Lower Back Injury

Pete B. first came into the office over two years ago due to a lower back injury. He responded quickly to the treatments and now does maintenance care because it made sense to him. Pete has had a few flare-ups and has had the problem quickly handled at the clinic.

Lower Back Pain responded well to treatment

Tom F. first came to the clinic about five or six years ago for lower back pain. Tom responds well to the treatment but his line of work (Welder) makes it difficult for him at times. He’s found that when he does his monthly maintenance treatments they help him drastically. They also make him feel like he has more strength in his back with less pain.

Lower Back Problems due to a Short Leg

Lantz M. first came into the office over twenty years ago for lower back problems due to a short leg. Lantz responds well to treatment as long as he wears the lift in his shoe that evens out his leg lengths and keeps his lower back in alignment. Lantz now comes for maintenance because it keeps him feeling great. He also says, “Dr. Shearman is someone he can count to help him keep his back healthy. He also says, “Dr. Shearman is knowledgeable in regards to helping his patients maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy a lot of activities.”

Neck Problems due to an Auto Accident

Gaylynn W. first came into the office twenty-nine years ago. She came because she was having neck problems due to an auto accident. Gaylynn says that Dr. Shearman has kept her functioning for most of her life. More recently, Gaylynn has developed a stubborn lower back condition which is aggravated by sitting long hours at work. She is currently treating in the clinic for that problem and we’ll have to keep everyone informed about the outcome.

Lower Back Injury suffered at Work

Genaro R. first came into the clinic about two years ago suffering from a lower back injury suffered at work. Genaro received spinal decompression and after a few months was doing quite well and he was able to keep his job. He now receives maintenance care once or twice per month which helps him to keep feeling better. He also says his daily activities have improved.

Severe Neck Pain and Stiffness

Kerry C. first came to our clinic over seven years ago. She was suffering with severe neck pain and stiffness. She was unable to turn her head due to the pain and stiffness. Kerry responded to her treatment very well and was soon out of pain and had gotten back her flexibility. She now does maintenance care because she wants to continue to enjoy good posture and spinal alignment which enable her to maintain an active lifestyle.

Ability to Work, Play and Move Freely without Pain

Richard S. first came to the clinic about five years ago for compressed discs in his lower back. Richard received spinal decompression and chiropractic adjustments and responded very well to the treatments. He now does maintenance care because he wants to continue to have the ability to work, play and move freely without pain.

Suffering from Spinal Disease

Neil D. first came into the office because of extreme stiffness in his neck and upper back which was about to cause him to lose his driver’s license because he couldn’t look out of his side mirrors on his car. Neil suffers with a spinal disease that fuses all the spinal bones together. His treatments have consisted of spinal adjustments and flexibility exercises which are enabling him to turn his head and torso better. Neil still has his license and feels like his range of motion is getting better all the time.

Suffering with Lower Back Pain

Jolynn Y. first came into the office about one year ago. She was suffering with lower back pain. She has responded well to the treatments and feels like they are keeping her lower back problems in control. Jolynn does maintenance because it allows her to have less back pain as well as getting more information about how to take better care of her back.

Severe Headaches & Migraines

Linda B. first came into the office about fifteen years ago for migraines. The treatments have helped her get rid of these severe headaches and have less neck pain and less sinus pressure. Linda says she feels comfortable talking with Dr. Shearman and she enjoys the treatments she receives for the problems she has with her neck, back and shoulders.

Maintenance Care to Help Control Chronic Pain

Verna D. first came into the office seven years ago for chronically painful joints, lower back and middle back pain. She says she’s gone to another chiropractor but he didn’t help her at all. Verna’s treatments helped her a great deal but she still has problems with the pain wanting to return. For this reason, she does maintenance care to help control the chronic pain she’s had in her back and neck for many years.

Suffered from Compression Fractures

Brent B. first came into the office over twenty-five years ago. Brent suffered compression fractures at T6, T7, and T9. These are vertebra in his middle back that were damaged in a work injury. Brent was told there was nothing anyone could do for the chronic pain he suffered in his middle and upper back. Brent responds well to the treatments but has to be careful because of the weakness that exists in that part of his spine from the injuries. He says we gave him his life back and now he’s able to work, sleep, and play because of the ongoing treatments. He also feels that Dr. Shearman has kept him living his life style and that he would be bedridden due to the arthritis in his middle back.

Pain from Scoliosis

Karen O. first came into the office twenty-five years ago. She came in because she was suffering from the pain that scoliosis causes. Karen responded well to those early treatments but because of the severity of her scoliosis her treatments don’t last as long as she would like. Karen is a regular in the office because if she stays away too long then the pain returns and she is unable to function. Karen also says that the talks with Dr. Shearman have helped her keep a positive attitude when she’s gotten down on herself.

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